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gym club

Hello we would like to tell you about Gym Club today. Susanna and Hannah are our T.As but also they are gymnastic teachers.

Once a week we go in the Tipi from school to Exeter Gymnastics Club. We have special Gym Club T-shirts to wear.

At the beginning of our lesson we do a warm up, based on a theme. Our theme at the moment is Pirates. Next, we follow a circuit around the room using the apparatus. We get to climb ropes, walk along beams, do forward rolls on trampolines and roll over the bars.

IMG_0202   IMG_0243

After we have finished doing our circuits we get to play in the sponge pit. It’s really good fun! We get to swing off the ropes or go over the bars and fall or jump into the foam. Sometimes it’s a bit tricky to get out of the sponge pit and it’s quite funny.

At the end of our session it is calm time. We have to lie down and relax quietly listening to the waves music.

Then we line up, get our shoes and go back to school in the Tipi and we have a drink. We really like going to Gym Club, it makes us learn lots.

We have learned:

  • forward rolls
  • backward rolls
  • cartwheels
  • bridges (crabs)
  • headstands
  • pike
  • straddle
  • tuck
  • star jumps

Gym Club is Danni’s favourite thing at school.

It makes us happy and healthy, though we are a bit tired after!

by Danni and David

All about growing plants 11.5.16

This week we did gardening. On Monday, we went shopping. We bought lavender seeds and we bought some little sweet peas.






The sweet peas are going to grow in seven pots and flower. Danni didn’t do a pot because she was at Rural Skills. She is going to do a pot in a minute.
This is what you need:-
You need a round, clean pot. We think it has to be round.
You need soil. We went to Rural Skills and put some soil in a wheelbarrow then took the wheelbarrow to Turquoise Class.
You need a spade. A little one. Helen says this is called a trowel.
You need a watering can.
This is how you plant sweet peas.
1. You put the soil in the pot.

2. Then put some water in.
3.Then a plant in.

4. Then pour the water on the plant so that it can drink.

by Danni and David