This week in Green Class we have been reading “006 and a Bit” by Kes Gray, all about a girl called Daisy who decides she wants to become a spy! To explore the story, we dressed up as spies, wrote secret messages to each other and discovered that we could decipher codes in  phonics.

Dark glasses and a newspaper – things a spy need


Cracking the codes

Who is this spy?

Trying on our spy glasses and moustaches



In Science this week we thought about how we could keep our teeth healthy. We made posters to remind ourselves to brush our teeth twice a day, we sorted foods into groups of food that is good for our teeth and food that is bad for our teeth, and then we all cleaned some giant teeth! To finish our learning we practised cleaning our own teeth using a two-minute timer – we had to brush them for a long time!

Cleaning our teeth

Following our instructions

Choosing toothpaste

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