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Red Class Trip

Red class trip to Waie2Play

We all had so much fun we have written below our favourite bits and some of us have said why!

LD loved the ball pool area

AVT said ‘ I loved playing with all the balls and shooting them at the wall – it was fun!’

AP went on the slide lots of times with the adults!

DL loved lying out of his chair in the soft play area

KW said that he loved the big dark slide because it was soooo fast!

HB said the trip was fantastic and he loved the green slide

Green Class Trip to world of Country Life, Exmouth

IMG_0825 IMG_0833 IMG_0846 IMG_0874 IMG_0875 IMG_0882 IMG_0893 IMG_0895 IMG_0899 IMG_0927

IMG_0932 IMG_0946


On Monday Green Class went to The World of Country Life, Exmouth.

We all had a fantastic time.

We visited the ball park area and bouncy castle.   We had a picnic lunch.

We went on the Deer Train and fed the animals.   LLamas, Deer and Sheep.   They came right up to the Deer Train and ate out of our hands!   We were very careful to wash our hands afterwards!

We looked around the farmyard and were able to go into the enclosure where the sheep were kept and got very close to them.

We then went on the Big Pirate Ship.    We finished off the day by eating icecreams!





Learning about the world!

In Blue Class we have continued our work learning about the world.

We have learnt about flags and designed our own flag using favourite colours, pictures and shapes. We have made a pretend passport and thought about where we would like to go on holiday.

Some students have been particularly interested in using Google Earth – we even used it to see Niagara falls.

Cooking continues to be a favourite activity – we have made traditional English scones, Coconut Barfi from India, banana bread and Brigadeiros from Brazil.


Making coconut barfi – an Indian coconut sweet


Rolling out the dough


Mixing ingredients


Cutting out scone shapes


Working together, using weighing and measuring skills and following a recipe