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Yellow Class meet a real-life explorer!

Today in Yellow class, we got to speak to a real-life explorer!

His name is Justin Miles, and he called us up on Skype and talked to us about his adventures. We learnt that he has been to the desert, the rainforest, met African tribes and kayaked among icebergs in Greenland.

He told us about packing freeze-dried food, and melting snow and ice for drinking water. Also, that he was once so cold, that the snot dripping down off his chin turned into ‘snoticles’. The children loved hearing about this!

We asked him lots of questions about his travels, and showed him our explorer dressing up costume.


Monday 20th June

This week we looked at Mexican food and focused on preparing the food, such as cutting or grating. After the food was prepared then students were able to make choices on what they wanted and try items they may not have tried before. After eating some of the foods they decided whether they liked them or not.


DSCF0031     DSCF0046


England, England, England

Students from around the school got together to watch England vs Wales on Thursday 16th June. Kick off was 1400 and Wales already had three points from their previous game and England, only had one. Students were only able to watch the first half due to the kick off time. Confidence was high for an England victory except for those very few Welsh fans. Hearts sank when Gareth Bale curled a free kick into the bottom corner.DSCF0024 DSCF0024

The final result was 2 – 1 England. Although Wales went on to qualify top of the group and England second.


In Pink Class we were able to use something that had recently been purchased by the ICT department. Osmo is a new add on for the iPad that allows you to use numbers, letters or shapes to carry out given tasks. For example with the letter or word pack if gives you a picture and you have to spell out the word or find the initial letter sound. With the shape pack you have to use the given shapes to match the shapes on the screen orientating them properly. Here are some photos of students working together while using the packs for the first time initially we started using the shape pack. Later on we will start using the other packs.

DSCF0007 DSCF0011 DSCF0014

Monday 13th June


The students wanted to cook something from Poland so I found a Polish Cookie Ball recipe. The students measured out the ingredients, mixed it all together and then put it in the oven.

Here are some photos of them making them

.DSCF9989 DSCF9990 DSCF9992

Monday 6th June Crepes

Every Monday we have been cooking food from different countries. The Monday after half term we decided to make some crepes with different toppings. The students measured out the ingredients, mixed them up and then chose what they wanted on their crepe.


DSCF9943 DSCF9945    DSCF9949

Yellow class visit Flybe

We all had a great time visiting Flybe at Exeter Airport today.

We got to try on the life jackets and take part in a safety demonstration, aswell as go inside a section of aircraft. Inside the aeroplane we were able to sit in the seats, try out the microphone and go into the cockpit.

The staff at Flybe were very helpful and answered lots of questions about the size and names of the aeroplanes.

Green Class – Science Experiments.

IMG_0676 IMG_0688 IMG_0674 IMG_0678 IMG_0682

In Green Class this week, we have been doing science experiments involving celery,  white flowers and food colouring.   We were trying to find out if the celery and white flowers would change colour if left in red, blue and green water.   We are still awaiting the final results.

We also made grass heads which involved following instructions, and filling tights with soil and grass seeds.   The students have made predictions on how long it will take before the grass head will need a haircut.