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Sports Day at Exeter Arena Tuesday 24th May

The Key Stage 3 Team 2 had a great day out at Exeter Arena Yesterday. The team was made up of students from Pink Class and two students from Silver Class. They brought back bronze medals with their fast running, long jumping and strong throwing. Everyone in the team contributed to our overall score and therefore our triumph. Here are just some of the photos.DSCF9901    DSCF9926      DSCF9932DSCF9905

We were very lucky with the weather and the students had a great day. They were all very well behaved and a credit to the school.

Cooking Monday 23rd May

Today we decided to travel to Italy and make our own pizzas with a selection of different

DSCF9889              DSCF9886                  DSCF9893

Students chopped up the ingredients and grated the cheese and then decided which delicious toppings they wanted to try.




Learning about habitats


We have been very busy with our topic “Where in the World?” The students in Blue Class have been learning about habitats and what different animals need to live.

This week the students used symbols or writing to pose some questions about what animals need, to ask Tom in Rural skills. Today, regardless of the rain, we visited Rural skills, asked our questions and looked at all the animals.

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Ball Programme in Red Class

Every day we start our day by doing the ball programme which helps us to get ready for learning.

                                                                                       You start with a stretch.

Then you roll over the ball.

Then you sit on the ball and bounce







Then we can start our learning.




Russian Pavlova

On Monday 16th May we made some meringue, added cream and a selection of fruit.


Students mixed the egg white and icing sugar together and then put it in the microwave.


Then students added cream and a selection of fruit that they cut up and placed on to the cream.



Then students ate their Pavlova and reviewed their choices.