Arts Awards Group goes to Princesshay

On the 10th of March students from F.E’s Arts Award group went on an exciting visit to see the bee hives on the roof top garden of Princesshay shops.  This was followed by a creative workshop and a look around Spacex gallery at the exhibition Honeyscribe: Bees and the art of Pollination. A special thanks to Amy Shelton & Kathy Norris for inviting our students to this event with funding from Claire Milne Trust.

One of our students, Frankie, had this to say about the day:

We met Andy who told us about the bees. We stood at a safe place. There were some bees out. They were out because it was sunny, they come out to have a look. That box is called a bee hive. It’s where bees live.


The queen bee has been tagged. She can’t fly. There can’t be two queen bees in the colony. They mark the queen with a spot, this year the colour is white.


We got to taste some of the Princesshay honey. It was a bit sticky but it tasted really sweet. They sell the honey and they donate the money to a charity.

We went to Spacex gallery and made seed bombs. The people who helped us were from the Devon Wildlife. We mixed flower seed that bees like, with compost and water and liquid clay. We’re going the throw these when we do our spring celebration.

fe18-04-16-6These are the bees that we made. Just a little pine cone and wool wrapped around it and the wings are made from the paper lids we put on jam. All the bees were different.


This is some Bees Waxing that we did.They had to melt the wax, they used a special pot to melt it. It smells really nice. It smells of honey. We all got to have a go at this.

I like Spacex, we have been before and always do art stuff there. The things we do are good and stuff I don’t do at school like the wax and bees and when we did Claymates.  I never thought to do it in wax before.  It’s good we can take the seed bombs back throw them for flowers for the bees.  I think everyone should go to Spacex, this Honey Project is good.


6 thoughts on “Arts Awards Group goes to Princesshay

  1. Amber

    I like what you have written Frankie. It was a great day and Frankie, you have remembered more than I did and its great to know you enjoyed the day so much!


  2. Emma K and Charlie

    Great feedback, Frankie!
    That trip looked like the ‘bees knees’! You must be ‘buzzing’ about it!
    Keep writing the blogs. They’re great.



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