Space topic

In Yellow class we are all very excited about our new Space topic!

We will be making star biscuits, learning about the planets, doing some exciting science experiments and creating space music and art.

So far, we have already enjoyed the “Whatever Next”  sensory story and have begun to design our own space rockets.

Green Class Blog

This term we have been working our topic…..”When”

We have had great fun looking at Egyptian times.

We have made Egyptian cakes.    Made Egyptian pots.   Researched Egyptian gods and also researched Egyptian writing.   We also had ago at making egyptian pyramids out of sugar cubes and lego.  Some of us have had great fun translating our  names into hierogylphics.



In science this term we have been learning about electricity and have been making circuits.  We have also experimented with static electricity .  We blew up balloons and rubbed them on our heads to try and make our hair stand up on end.

Seniors residential at Seale Hayne

Meeting a donkey.




Enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the sensory herb garden.

We had to get close to this robot to see how it was put together.

By the time we had walked past it a few times, we felt we had made friends with the robot!

Enjoying the hydro pool.

Action art workshop!

Our theme was ‘The Rainbow Fish’

Sharing instruments in the music workshop.

Rocking out!

Beautiful Seale Hayne.

Modern and clean facilities in a historic building.

Plenty to keep us busy! We will be back, I am sure.







Green Class Learn About Emergency Services

We have been learning about people who help us in Green Class. We have done lots of exciting activities to help us explore our topic, here are some of our photos:

We investigated which shape bandage would be best to use if we had a broken arm and we were paramedics.


We sent our emergency service BeeBot robots to the right incidents on the map by programming them







We pretended to be police officers and made our own warrant cards

We created our own emergency vehicles using paint for our display board


                                                                                                    We are all in the police force!

After we learnt about how to call 999 in an emergency, we had a visit from the fire service on Monday. We learnt how to stop, drop and roll if our clothes were on fire, and we were very proud to show off our new knowledge that we had learnt in class.

We could try on a fire helmet!

Then on Wednesday we had a visit from PCSO Ben who came in his police car. He showed us what uniform police officers wear and we were able to ask him questions about the radio and whether he had a police dog. The best bit was seeing the police car!

This week in Green Class we have been reading “006 and a Bit” by Kes Gray, all about a girl called Daisy who decides she wants to become a spy! To explore the story, we dressed up as spies, wrote secret messages to each other and discovered that we could decipher codes in  phonics.

Dark glasses and a newspaper – things a spy need


Cracking the codes

Who is this spy?

Trying on our spy glasses and moustaches



In Science this week we thought about how we could keep our teeth healthy. We made posters to remind ourselves to brush our teeth twice a day, we sorted foods into groups of food that is good for our teeth and food that is bad for our teeth, and then we all cleaned some giant teeth! To finish our learning we practised cleaning our own teeth using a two-minute timer – we had to brush them for a long time!

Cleaning our teeth

Following our instructions

Choosing toothpaste

Christmas Art Work

For the Christmas Performance Pink Class had been given the task of creating the Three Kings using art. Here are some photos of the students creating works of art both visually and through different textures.


Some of us explored different textures.


Some of us painted.








And others did some cutting and sticking.

DSC02378 DSC02379 DSC02382DSC02377

The finished articles.